A change project stands and falls with the quality of its execution and its capacity for sustainability. The theoretical plan comes to life in its implementation: Knowledge gained flows back into the system via iterative loops and becomes part of the next step. We help our clients to achieve successful implementation to ensure that the change corresponds with company realities at all levels.


A change project is a complex undertaking. Much content and many potential solutions cannot be determined in advance because some of the requirements and cause-and-effect relationships remain obscure at the outset. Professional process support takes this complexity into account and provides a stable framework. It integrates new findings, information and requirements according to current needs.


Change management is a long-term process that requires perseverance and good strategic planning. Professional change facilitation ensures:

  • process reliability and stability – which promotes people’s confidence in the change
  • early identification of challenges and fields of action
  • extension of the range of options through methodological and content-related impulses
  • support for the internal change team while easing their workload
  • that there is a sparring partner who can provide an objective viewpoint
  • targeted qualification of those involved in the change process


cidpartners is a systemic consultancy specialized in strategy, change and transformation processes. We provide support to our clients during the implementation of their change projects in various scenarios:

  • End-to-end – from strategy development and process design to the implementation of a change
  • In the implementation of change processes that have already been set up
  • Where running change projects need expert remedial help

We are well prepared to cooperate closely with both internal teams and also external consultants already involved in the project.

We combine our clients’ industry-specific know-how and wealth of experience with our own expertise gained from numerous change processes conducted with companies ranging from medium-sized businesses to international corporations. Our team consists of consultants, trainers, coaches and experts. They have all gathered comprehensive methodological knowledge and change experience in numerous sectors.


Each change project begins with its own initial situation and client requirements. We provide a variety of different services related to change scenarios so that we can design a ‘made to measure’ project. The following ‘building blocks’ can be combined with each other as required:

Process Communication

We design and facilitate the essential change-related communication. With decades of communications expertise at our disposal, we can deploy a variety of different formats. READ MORE

Change Qualification

We are glad to support change processes by disseminating knowledge and experience in tailor-made programmes so that in-house staff can carry out the actual implementation. READ MORE

Change Management

In change management, our remit is to handle the basic organization and ensure that all parties involved remain focused and in touch. READ MORE

Pulse Checks

We conduct regular interviews with managers and employees. We systematically gauge the current mood on various levels and recommend courses of action. READ MORE

Support for Individual Initiatives

Our change management services include facilitating individual initiatives - both in terms of technical support as well as with methods such as innovation programmes. READ MORE

Defined Sub-Tasks

We are also pleased to take on concrete packages that can be defined as independent tasks within a change process. This helps to relieve the burden on those directly involved and promotes the transfer of know-how and fresh impulses.

Executive Coaching

Professional coaching for managers is one of the most important components of a change process. We help to solve the individual challenges facing these multipliers. READ MORE

Large Group Formats

Communication, exchange and discourse in large groups involves many people in what is happening. We would be pleased to help you in the conception, implementation and follow-up of large group formats. READ MORE

Use of New Working Methods

We provide support to companies, divisions and teams in the use of modern methods of cooperation. From structuring meetings to agile collaboration - so that change becomes visible and tangible in the course of the daily routine.

Corporate Culture

Our analyses and tools help to enhance the corporate culture by improving levels of cooperation, performance and success. READ MORE

Management Training and Qualification

As a rule, change processes require the targeted development of competence in order to meet new requirements, working methods and roles. We offer a wide range of training and qualification programmes for managers. READ MORE

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Detlev Trapp is founder and managing partner of  cidpartners.

Detlev Trapp

Managing Partner & Founder