Conception and Implementation of a Comprehensive Digitalization Initiative

Co-creative development of the digitalization strategy, conception and set-up of an agile, company-wide implementation initiative.


leading manufacturer of music software


Strategy Development
Agile Collaboration

Comprehensive Digitalization Initiative in the Music Software Industry

Our client is one of the leading international providers of music software. In cooperation with the client, we laid down the digital strategy and implemented it as part of a company-wide digitalization initiative. The aims were to meet the changing expectations of existing and future customers regarding simplicity and the user experience, increase customer satisfaction, attract new customers and ensure future competitiveness.


  • Development of the digitalization strategy in close cooperation with the client team
  • Design and support of a company-wide implementation initiative
  • Conception and implementation of numerous communication formats (Open Space, Future-Days, regular demonstration and information events)
  • Planning and facilitation of team-internal work events (regular meetings, workshops, retrospectives)
  • Provision of support to the project teams in the form of methodological know-how (agile working, meeting formats, communication)
  • Overall project management in the core team
  • Stakeholder management (e.g. works council, management, shareholders and internal interest groups)



  • Focus and orientation through strategic clarity in the field of digitalization
  • Successful implementation of numerous digitalization projects to secure the future success of the company and increase internal efficiency
  • Enhancement of the corporate and cooperation culture
  • Sustainable accountability through setting up a digital unit


Success Factors

  • Close cooperation with the client in the development and implementation of the digital strategy
  • Set-up of an internal core team (incl. internal agile coaches) for project management and overall cooperation organization
  • Joint learning through iterative approach and systematic integration of feedback
  • Regular communication and transparency by the use of different communication formats
  • Creation of numerous participation opportunities for employees and managers
  • Early and regular stakeholder integration