Feedback – Finding the right Approach. For Everyone.

Individual development is very important in agile organizations. Mutual support through relevant, constructive feedback opens up the way to potential development on a new level.


Communications department of a telecommunications company


Large Group Formats

Large Group Event to Enhance the Feedback Culture across the Team

As part of the ongoing enrichment of the communication ‘landscape’, an instant feedback app was piloted with the aim of creating a more flexible, situational and ‘here-and-now’ feedback culture. Before the app was launched, we laid the foundation for the feedback culture together with the client during a one-day departmental event with more than 100 participants.


  • Overall conception of the offsite departmental event including stage presentation for 100+ participants
  • Keynote speech on the topic of feedback and criticism discussions as well as basic exercises on perception and interpretation
  • Learning and experimental stations for 8 different feedback concepts
  • Material production to make the content easily accessible in everyday life


  • Establishing feedback as an essential cultural element for development and reducing resentment, hurdles and fears
  • Providing relevant knowledge and skills relating to giving and receiving constructive feedback

Success Factors

  • Close cooperation with a customer's event and design team
  • Precise analysis of the prerequisites and requirements
  • Iterative development of the overall event
  • Production of practice-relevant card sets with condensed information
  • Interactive event design to activate and involve participants in a targeted manner

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