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Many organizations face the challenge of change – they either want it or need it, or both. But the theory is often easier than the practice. As a rule, new fields of action cannot be mastered using old structures. Attempting to do so results in slow progress, too little flexibility and in the worst case no change at all.

Success and further progress are most likely to be achievable by implementing upcoming changes quickly and flexibly. We enable companies and organizations to emerge from change processes as winners.


  • Developing new fields and business models
  • Enabling growth and scaling
  • Enhancing efficiency, self-responsibility and performance
  • Improving cooperation and flexibility
  • Facilitating restructuring and change

We work with our clients to create adaptable and dynamic organizations by making workflows more efficient, restructuring individual areas or setting up new ones. A change process is also often used to raise the entire organization onto a new level.

The key tasks here are to improve cooperation and to understand, appreciate and develop the organization in its entirety. Generally, we place the focus not on individual process improvements, but on the people who carry them out.

We undertake a holistic and systemic appraisal of companies, starting with people and organizational structures. These must be empowered and enabled in such a way that both the corporate goals are achieved and the skills required for sustainable change are acquired.


Strengthening change capacities and shaping high-performance cultures is our core business. We were one of the first consultancies worldwide to transform our own organization to a dynamic model.

cidpartners has advised and assisted more than 400 clients in developing or repositioning their organizations so that they can react flexibly to changing internal or external requirements and enhance their own adaptability

  • act faster and more flexibly on the market,
  • implement internal changes sustainably,
  • transform opposition to measures,
  • use existing potentials and
  • develop new skills within the company.

During a project, we work hand in hand with our clients’ management as well as the internal organizational development, corporate communications, HR and personnel development in order to use existing know-how and experience and to combine different perspectives in the most beneficial way.

Our ambition is to mobilize the sum of each individual’s skills and enthusiasm so that companies can change successfully and sustainably.


Change is Not an End Itself

DIt is important to start where the greatest potential for change lies. Because change is neither an end in itself, nor can it be accomplished in a single step. Together with our clients, we develop strategies and procedures that fit the challenges and the circumstances. We rely on iterative implementation, the integration of different perspectives and a suitable combination of classical and agile methods.

Stability and Flexibility are Not Mutually Exclusive - They Complement Each Other

For the success of organizations and managers it is becoming increasingly important to develop a clear focus and a good balance between stability and flexibility. Change processes, for example, are often conducted in the context of day-to-day business operations. Our consulting approach integrates and links the new and the old.

We Focus un Participation and Empowerment

DThe best and most sustainable results are achieved when employees and their management are actively involved in shaping change and are given the opportunity to acquire and contribute the required competence and skills through targeted training at an early stage. Managers and employees should be thoroughly involved in change processes. We use individual coaching and training measures to prepare them so that they can facilitate and guide the processes from their position within the organization.

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