Restructuring Towards a Pool Organization

New roles, a flatter hierarchy, a new understanding of leadership and management and a new structure in topic-organized pools.


International telecommunications company


Organizational Development
Change Support

New Work Organization for a Modern Communications Sector

In the period from 2007 to 2013, our client's communication organization developed in several stages: Originally, there were five parallel and independently operating decentralized communication areas. This was transformed into a pool organization. During the implementation process, the group communication department continuously and intensively shaped this process together with cidpartners as the external partner. Additional selective support was provided by the company’s HR department, through training courses and through OU capacities.


  • Conception and facilitation of working meetings and large-scale offsite workshops
  • Organization of dialogue events for a more open process and more involvement
  • Support in the design of an organization prototype based on employee feedback
  • Intensive training of employees and simulations of pool organization


  • Approved and successfully implemented new organizational structure
  • Enablement of managers and employees to take on new tasks and role responsibilities
  • Establishment of a new understanding of leadership
  • Comprehensive change in the departmental culture

Success Factors

  • Intensive support for the division managers
  • Thought-through communication design with all stakeholders
  • Involvement of all relevant stakeholders
  • Content-related enablement and co-creation with the client

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