Restructuring as well as introduction and scaling of agile working methods in the development area of a leading solution provider for digital success.


Solution provider for digital success


Organizational Development
Agile Collaboration

Agile Work for Digital Success

Our client focuses on unconditional customer focus and the development of innovative solutions in the design, development and support of integrated digital solutions. In this project, the introduction of agile methods and a suitable scaling structure made it possible to achieve greater client satisfaction and efficiency in development as well as to significantly increase the degree of self-organization.


  • Organizational restructuring of the development department based on agile principles
  • Introduction of agile (scaling) methods: Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan, Scrum at Scale and DevOps
  • Training of internal agile coaches and comprehensive transfer of methods to enable the members of the organisation
  • Set up and support for various agility initiatives to develop the agile mindset within the organization further
  • Interface management to non-agile or less agile working units


  • Increased customer satisfaction and quality through better customer integration and end-to-end team responsibility
  • Improved internal cooperation and increased efficiency through stable, agile teams and the integration of DevOps
  • Scaling across teams
  • Continuous further enhancement of cooperation (also across divisions)
  • Internal competence development through training of agile coaches

Success Factors

  • Close cooperation with the client in planning and designing the restructuring
  • Joint learning through iterative procedures and setting up pilot teams and pilot projects
  • Early empowerment of managers and employees to support and stabilize the transformation on the client side
  • Integration of employees in the solution-finding process
  • Continuous communication regarding the vision, goals, project progress and next steps
  • Creation of feedback channels
  • Individualization of the cooperation model based on customer needs