Transformation and Cultural Development

Using complexity and dynamics in the core business as an opportunity: interrelationships between the business model, working methods and corporate culture.


Innovative IT Service Provider


Organizational Development
Change Management
Cultural Development
Management Development

Digital Transformation: No Culture = No Future

Digital transformation – a big buzzword that has a double meaning for our client: The transformation process involved both its own development as well as its positioning on the market – as an internationally active IT specialist and multi-cloud service provider.


  • Co-creative development of a pioneering transformation architecture
  • Integration of the leadership team and cultural development
  • Design and moderation of workshops, retreats and large group events
  • Clarification of processes, roles and interfaces for sustainably established new processes and working methods
  • Sparring and support in the design and implementation of change communication
  • Evaluation and monitoring to measure the success of the transformation
  • Programme management and supervision of service providers (e.g. event agencies)

Success Factors

  • Iterative and co-creative working method for continuous enhancement of procedures and strategy in the ongoing process
  • Experienced consultants who can identify where the real development issues lie within the organization
  • Balance between integration of new methods, working patterns and existing paths to success
  • Experiencing cultural change within concrete, ongoing projects – i.e. not within an artificial learning environment
  • Proximity to managers and employees through ongoing monitoring and evaluation processes


  • Stabilization and expansion of the market position in the field of digital transformation
  • Enhanced quality of customer relations through better customer integration and agile working methods
  • Enhanced innovative capacity
  • Greater flexibility and faster response to market changes
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation and elimination of silos
  • Comprehensive cultural chang

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