Development of a Platform / Ecosystem Strategy

Co-creative development of a new business strategy to create a comprehensive software ecosystem.


International Software Manufacturer


Strategy Development
Platform Economy

Developing an Ecosystem Strategy for Future Growth and a Seamless User Experience

This software company is undergoing strategic transition from a classical product orientation to an ecosystem orientation. Networking individual products and services and opening up its own ecosystem is creating new business opportunities, more innovation and a seamless customer experience. We worked with a core team and several sub-teams in this project to develop the vision, the ecosystem strategy and the associated process model for implementation.


  • Development of the vision and the ecosystem strategy, as well as consistent sub-strategies in close cooperation with the client
  • Conception of the process model for implementation
  • Overall management of the development process and the sub-teams involved
  • Content and provision of methodological support to the sub-teams and the core team (e.g. assistance with business cases, methods for dealing with complexity and uncertainties, etc.).
  • Networking the teams involved to ensure content consistency
  • Design and facilitation of regular status and working meetings as well as workshops lasting one or more days


  • Company-wide communication of a mature vision regarding the future business rationale
  • Comprehensive overall strategy and consistent sub-strategies for developing the ecosystem and the associated business models
  • Comprehensive decision-making templates for management and shareholders
  • Preparation of the implementation through design of an agile process model

Success Factors

  • Creation of a vision and a ‘sense of purpose’ for the project to unite the participants and provide a starting point for strategy development
  • Close cooperation with different client departments and teams
  • Overarching coordination and synchronization by an internally and externally staffed core team
  • Iterative procedure in strategy development (‘from coarse to fine’)
  • Integration of external know-how as well as market and competitor analyses