cidparters at the OKR FORUM 2023

cidpartners was partner of the 5th edition of OKR FORUM, which took place on 02 February 2023. The biggest OKR event in Western Europe was organised by Computer Futures and Workpath. Our colleague Mirjam Rieger was leading a workshop.

Find out what the agenda was about and watch the recorded session:

Session with Mirjam Rieger and Torsten Müller - Feb 02 02:05PM–02:35PM

Scaling OKR from the directors level to the whole organization in 1 year

One year, over 600 people, three countries - Successful OKR scaling at Timocom.

What does a successful OKR scaling from the management level to the whole organisation look like within one year in three countries? How can over 600 people be effectively involved in this process? What is important in the implementation of this project? What are the conditions, challenges and key moments for scaling in this dimension?

The session by Mirjam Rieger (consultant at cidpartners GmbH) and Torsten Müller (Strategic Project Manager, General Management at Timocom GmbH) has an interactive character and offers answers to the above questions. Of course, there will also be enough time for questions from the participants during the session.

Recording of the session

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