Priska Geens

+49.228-25 90 85.0

Priska is a valued consultant when it comes to creating effective relationships in a business context. With clarity, openness and a current mix of methods, she accompanies teams in change processes and conflict situations. She initiates cultural changes with supposedly small interventions, such as the conscious and creative use of language and contemporary (agile) meeting formats. Her goal is to create alternative courses of action that can be integrated well into everyday worklife and enables organizations to develop continously. With the background of her own line, management and project experience, she can quickly and comprehensively empathize with the various contexts and situations of her clients. At the same time, she persistently keeps track of different perspectives.

She moderates team tensions or team conflicts using “Klärungshilfe”, a special form of mediation. Here, too, Priska promotes transparent and direct communication between all those affected and involved, as a basis for sustainable solutions.