Kristina Evers

Managing Partner
+49.228-25 90 85.0

In her role as an organizational consultant and coach, Kristina Evers sees herself as a catalyst for change: together with the customer and based on their goals, resources are discovered to solve problems in order to work intensively on productive attitudes and alternative courses of action. Kristina takes care to view her clients’ concerns as a whole and keep the business context in mind. Closely oriented towards the people and the topic, Kristina nurtures relevant KPIs as well as soft skills and guides the customer with great focus and clarity, even through conflict situations. Customers and partners who work with Kristina especially appreciate – in addition to her expertise- her charm and her ability to create space to address even difficult issues. Her relationship to customers is always characterized by trust, respect and equality, and in her own special way she is able to address resistance and transform it into problem-solving approaches.