Jan Foelsing

+49.228-25 90 85.0

Jan likes to describe himself as an “opportunity whisperer”, because there are always solutions waiting just round the corner. He began his professional career in the IT sector and over time he has progressed into the areas of personnel and organizational development, coupled with entrepreneurship. Thanks to his comprehensive range of activities in corporate, SME, start-up, academic as well as NGO fields, Jan has been able to acquire a very broad perspective.
His focus is on modern, digitally supported learning scenarios and digitally supported collaboration (social collaboration and communities) – because NewWork also requires NewLearning. This also includes the appropriate organizational framework, without which no learning and change measures can be effective in the long term. Learning = behavioural change = change.
It is his passion to actively explore and shape newly developing worlds of learning and working – learning by doing and leading by example. With an almost limitless scope of ideas, he can always provide impulses for new solutions. His open and cheerful nature lends itself to creating a good atmosphere. Because having fun at work helps.