Ilka Schwering

+49.228-25 90 85.0

Ilka has accompanied our clients since the founding of cidpartners as an organizational consultant, team developer, trainer and coach. Her special expertise includes designing co-creative processes in which the tried and tested is preserved and the new is created together.

She designs processes in which each individual takes responsibility and, in combination with clear guidelines and structures, produces the best results. Customers and colleagues alike appreciate Ilka's deeply human nature, her pragmatic and structured approach. With a great deal of intuition for people and groups, she quickly establishes a stable contact that can also tolerate a clear word or two. She is open and appreciative of new perspectives, but also stands firm in the face of resistance where the situation requires it.

Ilka is currently particularly interested in the question of how classically hierarchical companies in rural areas can integrate modern forms of cooperation in a meaningful way.