Christiane Schneider

+49.228-25 90 85.0

Christiane has been using her charisma and skills to design action areas for the companies of the future for over fifteen years. On a global scale, from level to level, in complex settings and for companies of all sizes. As an organizational developer, she is a catalyst and driving force, a source of inspiration and a fountain of knowledge – with high quality expectations, excellent social intelligence, and dedication. Her work is characterized by her constructive approach in identifying radical opportunities – and paves the way for their implementation. Christiane has supported numerous international organizations in the development and subsequent successful achievement of strategies and goals. She facilitates processes in organization in such a way that they result in high productivity, strong networking and space for various topics and energies. That creates an environment in which people in an organization can grow; by activating individuals, the entire organization becomes faster, leaner and more dynamic. She draws on a wealth of experience and is valued for her methodical skills, her integrity, and her straightforward, loyal and focused approach to partnership.