Alexandra Reinartz

+49.228-25 90 85.0

Alexandra Reinartz is an organizational developer and experienced project manager of digital transformation projects. She is comfortable in an open culture and in a constantly changing environment. Alexandra's strength is to empower growing areas and teams to move in team-oriented and self-organized structures, roles and processes. Through her work and mindset, she helps create a framework that fosters collaboration and professional growth - with a clear focus on results. She creates clarity about roles, tasks, responsibilities and development capabilities. The goal: to encourage feedback, sharing, learning and ownership. Her expertise as a facilitator, systemic consultant and mediator enables her to supervise and empower challenging transformations. She operates in complex and fast-growing tech environments as well as SMEs and corporations and knows what it takes to make agile practices work. She is passionate about supporting people on the path to good work. Her work contributes to an organization's success by empowering employees in their individual development and by fostering collaboration between teams.