Sonja Merkel

Managing Director
+49 228 25 90 850

As an experienced systemic business coach, Sonja is an inspiring sparring partner for executives in transformation processes. Looking through the lenses of an entrepreneur's eye, she understands to perceive each situation holistically and how to advise her clients within the respective contexts solution-oriented and with a refreshing honesty. Sonja thinks strategically, keeps an overview and never loses her feeling for the moment and the people. With her empathy and enthusiasm, she succeeds in taking even skeptics along and winning them over as gamechangers. Her quick perception, rhetorical skills, charming repartee and, above all, her high degree of empathy impress both customers and colleagues. Equipped with these talents and her professional expertise, a basis of trust is established very soon in the dialog. Thence develops a momentum that creates room for emerging innovation and growth.