Johannes Burr

+49.228-25 90 85.0

Johannes is a Rhinelander, half-finnish, married, father of two children, a fully qualified lawyer with an EMBA in media management and a passionate HR professional. As part of the People & Culture management team at Axel Springer SE, he played a key role in the restructuring and realignment of the group's HR department, where he set the course for agile and modern HR work. From there, as Head of Change Management and later in other HR management positions, Johannes has driven and shaped the rapid transformation process from a formerly traditional publishing house to Europe's "leading digital media and technology company". Certified as an Agile HR Manager and Scrum Master, his conviction to "be the change, you want to see happening" motivated him to exemplify modern working methods (such as Agile Working, Social Collaboration, Self-Organisation and OKR) with his teams and thereby set impulses for the further development towards digital and agile companies. After eleven years of corporate experience, Johannes knows first-hand and from his own experience what makes large companies work, how they functioned in the past and what they need in order to survive in the future.