Sustainable Strategy Work

Inventing the future

cidpartners’ approach to strategic consulting involves open and dynamic strategy processes that begin to yield benefits at all organizational levels even while they are being developed. Improvement potential that is inherent in the company itself is skilfully integrated into the process so that what emerges in terms of a solution is acceptable to both management and all other participants. We see the fundamental purpose of the organization as providing the bedrock and the guiding principle for all strategic processes. Our experience gained as a strategic consulting agency shows that such strategies are highly effective and that they release positive energy within the organization as they are implemented.

In addition to tailored processes, we offer the following performance packages:

  • Strategic Impact Analysis – making internal perspectives on the status quo and strategic options visible
  • Strategy Process Workshop – dynamic design of strategic processes
  • Strategy Camp – co-creating strategy in a dynamic camp environment
  • Strategy Communication Lab – planning measures for communicative implementation of the strategy
  • Strategy Alignment Formats – conceiving and implementing innovative forms of dialogue and senior management events to anchor the strategy

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