Successful Change Processes

Linking change and communication

While accompanying change processes we integrate expertise in the areas of change and communication. Together with our clients, we develop tailored guidance approaches, formats and process scripts as well as effective strategic initiatives. To this end, we employ dynamic models such as our Change Canvas to underpin iterative planning and fine-tuning aspects.

In addition to tailored processes, we offer the following performance packages covering the whole change process:

  • Change Readiness Check – clarifying the point of departure and identifying interest groups
  • Change Digital Transformation – design, accompaniment and redesign of Digital Transformation Processes
  • Change Strategy Workshop – defining purpose, goals, tactical control mechanisms and parameters
  • Change Communication Lab – developing a script, an architecture, a storyline and a communication plan
  • Change Project Management – actively accompanying the implementation of initiatives and projects
  • Change Coaching – supporting executives and change agents as change shapers
  • Change Training – a workshop for qualifying senior management and change agents

The successful configuration of change management is one of the chief tasks of leadership, and one of the most demanding ones. Senior management is expected to provide orientation and answer employees’ questions (that often only arise in the course of the process), and exude a sense of security even when they themselves cannot always be quite sure. Top management is always part of the change in a company. Our work with clients has shown that change processes are successful when two separate aspects are catered for: Not only must the strategy, the supervision ethos and the process roadmap have a solid foundation, but also individual accommodation of the specific change environment is a decisive success factor.

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