Dynamic Organisational Development

Consolidating and extending the capacities to change and perform

We have developed comprehensive expertise in helping people to manage change and in designing high-performance cultures. cidpartners was one of the first consultant agencies worldwide to transition its organization to a dynamic model and gain valuable experience in this field. Since that time, we have provided support to many clients to enable them to render their working environment more dynamic so as to strengthen their capacity for self-organization and flexibility and increase levels of performance and adaptability.

In addition to tailored processes, we offer the following standard packages:

  • Organizational Dynamics Assessment – determination of degrees of agility, capacity for change and stress fields
  • Dynamic Organizations Workshop – getting to know about and experience dynamic organization approaches and elements
  • Purpose Quest Retreat – exploring the basic purpose and aims of the organization
  • Values & Culture Lab – using culture and values as drivers for strategic development
  • Collaboration Camp – enhancing the capacity for organizing oneself, developing dynamic cooperation methods and teamwork
  • Innovation Lab – using Design Thinking and other innovation methods for creation
  • Meeting Formats and Facilitation – employing innovative meeting formats and agile facilitation to shape cooperation more efficiently and goal-oriented

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