What we appreciate

These are the qualities that we want to develop and maintain in ourselves and promote in others.

Showing respect

For us, the term respect can be equated with appreciative, attentive and generally well-intentioned interpersonal dealings.

Acceptance of responsibility

In our view, responsibility involves a mindful way of engaging with people, issues and resources, as well as active engagement in further development and seeking balance.

Facilitating easiness

What we mean with levity in this context is the cultivation of an attitude to people and topics that creates room for unexpected ideas, associations and energy.

Demonstrating openness

Openness engenders a frank, impartial attitude to information, positions and opportunities, and this in turn forms the basis for transparency, orientation and growth.

Thirsting for more

The desire to develop further is our motor for learning from experience and hatching and integrating new ideas.

Attaining focus

We see focussing as the achievement of clear orientation that concentrates energy and thereby lays the foundation for productive cooperation.

Being in the present

We regard being in a state of presence as the precondition for conscious achievement.