cid’s history

cidpartners was born of the idea to found a consulting service that effectively focuses on the benefits of process-oriented and specialist consulting expertise covering the whole gamut of development and change process management.

Right from the beginning, cidpartners focussed on high-quality growth and the development and integration of innovative consulting approaches in the context of these issues. From the foundation of the precursor firm of trapp + partner onwards, cidpartners has moved from strength to strength.

2002: Detlev Trapp founds trapp + partner, a consulting agency for change communication in Cologne.

The unification of systemic, process-oriented consultancy with expert advice covering the whole complex of change management and communication. Development and accompaniment of change communication strategies, M&A processes, structural change and value processes, as well as senior management team development.

2006: Detlev Trapp and Petra Sontheimer establish cidpartners PartG in Cologne. Consultancy for organisation development and communication.

Accompaniment of complex change planning and long-term development processes, work with senior management teams, individual coaching of senior managers. Certification for a range of diagnostic instruments. Development of innovative cooperation and dialogue formats for change processes and strategy processes.

2008: Detlev Trapp founds cidpartners GmbH with headquarters in Bonn, spurs on its development with the help of effective partnerships and extends the scope of the consulting services.

As well as complex change processes and the accompaniment of senior management teams, topics such as dynamic controlling, transformational leadership, strategic process design and the development of dynamic organisation models gain in significance. Extension of the method repertoire in cooperation with Christiane Schneider. Adoption of approaches from the areas of auto-organisation (Fluid Facilitation – 2008), effective leadership communication in cooperation with Prof. Fred Kofman (Conscious Business – 2011), Lean Management (2010) and dynamic organisational development (Holacracy – 2011). Transformation of the partnership’s own organisational model according to holacratic principles.

2013: cidpartners welcomes Sabri Eryiǧit as managing partner and celebrates the inauguration of the Berlin office. Simultaneous co-foundation of Next Action GmbH in Berlin as exclusive marketer of David Allen’s Getting Things Done in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Newly emerging subject areas include the shaping of strategic processes as well as the design and execution of innovative leadership development formats and programmes. Our methodological advancement is founded on the principle of agile self-management (GTD), agile methods in the fields of project and innovation work (SCRUM, Design Thinking) as well as on a range of approaches involving dynamic organization (sociocracy, fluid organization, Teal Organization).