The company

We provide support for executives in the planning and implementation of potent solutions for complex change, identity and development processes. Clients avail themselves of our services to facilitate productive approaches to the steadily increasing pace of things, to discover and activate inner potential, to improve exchange of ideas and collaboration and to enhance the commitment of all, both management staff and other employees.

cidpartners is one of the first consultancy services to have established a set of methods that enables the right balance to be found between stability and agility – a prerequisite for successfully shaping change. Going beyond the level of individual change processes, our methods are aimed at equipping organisations and senior management with the tools they need to create strategic transformation perspectives.


Our modus operandi is based on our conviction that genuine development in an organisation can only be achieved from within. We always begin with the individual requirements of our clients, and on that basis we bring our expertise as consultants, facilitators, coaches and trainers to bear in the most effective way possible. Orientation towards an essential purpose and common values provide the basis on which we analyse the strategic significance of different issues and find ways of releasing the energy needed for transformation and productivity.

In cooperation with the client, a team of experienced consultants and specialists develops strategies and solutions. Using dynamic formats and innovative methods we activate agile thinking, collective intelligence and positive energy. We shed light on the multiplicity of individual perspectives, highlight solution options and thus work towards results that reflect a common basis of consensus.

The results of such a process are highly effective, because they are rooted in knowledge about the organisation and this makes them more transparent and more acceptable for employees and management alike, increasing the preparedness of the staff to identify themselves with them.