Implementation-oriented consultancy

We see consultancy as a joint process executed by partners of equal standing. It serves to shed more light on what is and to achieve clarity about what is to come. The following aspects are crucial for us:

Integrating perspectives – what permeates our attitudes and work

What we do gathers together the multiplicity of individual perspectives and ideas to be found with our clients and makes them available as resources for productive activity. We use orientation towards the underlying purpose of the system as the structuring element. This approach mobilizes the power of collective intelligence and its results unleash difficult language undiscovered energies.

Co-creation and prototyping – how process-related expertise and specialist expertise enhance each other

We rely on the amalgamation of excellent process design and impulses supplied by experts. On this basis, and together with our clients, we draft avenues of approach that are then fine-tuned in iterative processes. We encourage acceptance on the part of those in the organization through active participation in the process as well as feedback.

Roles and the focus of implementation – how we use current issues for development

We deliberately make use of currently ‘active’ issues and tasks to promote our clients’ progress. And by implementing effective formats and methods we activate potential for solutions coming from a range of different roles. Further development, transfer of knowledge and down-to-earth progress in work go hand in hand.